SEMA 2017: Big, Bad 5.4 Voodoo Engines Ready To Race

MAST Motorsports ventures into high-end Ford engines with its line of engines, including a 5.4-liter stroker based on the Shelby GT350’s Voodoo 5.2-liter block.

If a little is good, you always want more. Today’s modern Coyote and Voodoo engines are definitely good, so why not add a little displacement. That’s exactly what MAST Motorsports had in mind with its new line of hand-built Coyote engines based on the vaunted Voodoo block used in the modern Shelby GT350.

“It is based on a 5.2 Voodoo block and we put some stroke in it, so it’s now a 5.4,” MAST’s Sales Manager, Russell Lehart, told us. “We are using the Voodoo heads, we put some cams in it and we are still going to retain the variable valve timing. We should have it on the dyno when we get it back from PRI.”

Upon that top-shelf Voodoo foundation, the MAST team bolsters the engine with a Callies stroker crankshaft, Callies rods, and Mahle forged pistons. Supporting hardware includes a Dailey five-stage dry-sump oiling system, a Ford Performance throttle body and a Ford Performance Cobra Jet intake manifold.

The MAST 5.4-liter engine is hand-built and filled with top-notch hardware including a Callies stroker crankshaft, Callies rods, and Mahle forged pistons.

Of course, if you have heard of MAST, you might more closely associate the engine builders with the Brand X LS platform. However, at the behest of Cortex Racing, MAST took a hard look at the Voodoo and Coyote engines to create its 5.4-liter engine.

“Cortex is a customer of ours on the LS side and they came up with the parts so we could R&D it,” Russell explained.

MAST will also offer a 5.2-liter engine based on the Boss 302 block that features many of the same upgrades as the 5.4-liter.

If you need a big, built engine, the Voodoo block-based beasts are available for limited preorders and should hit the market next summer. For more, visit the company’s official site here.

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