SEMA 2017: DBA Show Off Brakes With Kangaroo Paw Rotors

Disc Brakes Australia was back at SEMA again this year to discuss with us more in-depth about the Kangaroo Paw rotors and the benefits they offer. Typically rotors that you see will have cooling veins to help dissipate heat, but the Kangaroo Paw rotors offer something a little different. See, inside every DBA Kangaroo Paw rotor is well, a kangaroo paw. What? Instead of the typical slotted veins inside the rotor, the DBA rotor features 144 “pads” or pillars and posts on the inside of the rotor which allow for maximum heat dissipation.

Martin Peart, the Director of Sales and Marketing for DBA told us: “Basically a DBA rotor lets a lot more airflow through the center core of the rotor increasing performance in race applications.” One of the really nice things with these rotors from DBA is that you don’t need to swap out anything other than the rotor to see benefits. With a wide range of applications, all that is required for an increase in stopping performance is swapping rotors.

The rotors also feature color changing paint as well, which makes it really easy to pair it with the perfect matching brake pad from DBA. Running a brake pad in too hot or too cold of conditions will decrease braking power and performance. However, the color changing paint will make sure you’ve got the best pad for your use.

Oh, and just to clarify–the “kangaroo paw” isn’t the animal paw, it’s a native plant in Western Australia! If you take a look at the rotor cut-away, you can see that it does indeed resemble the plant!

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