SEMA 2017: ProCharger’s Next-Gen Street Blowers

Built with modern performance vehicles in mind, ProCharger’s latest street superchargers are designed with improved efficiency and a broader powerband. These units are built to package with existing ProCharger systems, but they are capable of producing more power with less drag on the engine. All this adds up to vehicles that have a strong midrange performance and keep pulling until the top of the tach.

“Five years ago with the P-1SC if you were making 700 horsepower that was a great deal. Now, if you don’t make four digits, you are doing it wrong,” Erik Radzins of ProCharger said with a laugh.

ProCharger offers a wide array of street and race superchargers. At the SEMA show in Las Vegas, the company showed off its next generation of street performance blowers designed for a strong midrange and a sparkling top end.

That’s exactly why ProCharger developed is X-series blowers. The P-1X is more geared toward street applications, and it will support over 875 horsepower, while more aggressive street machines can exceed 1,000 horsepower with the D-1X

“With a blower it is two-fold — temperature per pound of boost and how much effort it took to create that. That’s really where it shines. The impeller really matches an engine like the GT350, for example that goes from idling at 600 rpm to revving to 8,300 if no one moves the rev limiter, so it’s a broad range,” Erik explained. “A normal blower with a more radial impeller will start to curve off at the top. They had a good midrange that everyone loves, so it was kind of a design challenge. How do you have the midrange that everyone loves and not have it curve off at the top.”

Not only do these blowers start the boost party early and keep it going late, but the P-1X is part of another exciting expansion from ProCharger — 50-state street legality. That’s right, ProCharger brought to bear extensive in-house emissions testing capabilities to develop the a package that includes a larger injector that will meet the California Air Resources Board’s standards to receive an Executive Order number, which is ground breaking for an aftermarket outfit without ties to the factory. And, ProCharger is now working with tuning and injector companies to help expand these sort of certifications.

“We are doing a big push into EO certifications, including the P-1X, which you are hearing about first here,” ProCharger Marketing Director David Vesprimi explained. “California is obviously a huge untapped market for us and having the efficiency of the P-1X and the fact that we can clean-air certify these is a big deal.”

ProCharger’s P-1X supercharger (left) will support up to 875 horsepower and the more aggressive D-1X will deliver over 1,000 horsepower. The former is also part of ProCharger’s push toward adding CARB-certified supercharger systems.

As a result, the company has 16 CARB EO numbers so far, and seven more are in the application process, the latter group includes modern performance cars like the Camaro and Mustang.

So if you are looking for impressive street performance and you want to keep things legal, ProCharger has a lot of options. For more on these supercharger systems, check out the company’s official site here.

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