11-Second F-150 Beats Up On Mustangs In True Street

At the NMRA Bradenton Spring Break Shootout, VMP Performance’s Andrew Sheridan entered a 2016 Ford F-150 4×4 into the True Street Class. Despite being a stock appearing 4×4 truck, this little pickup averaged 11.65 at nearly 120 mph.

For those unfamiliar with the True Street Class, drivers take part in a 30-mile-long road cruise and then are required to make three back-to-back passes on the drag strip. After the road cruise, drivers are lined up in preparation for their passes; the three passes are averaged together and the winner is the driver who is closest to the running an 11-second average, 10-second average, and so on.


VMP’s TVS-blown, Coyote-powered F-150 averaged an 11.65-second e.t. in NMRA True Street at the season opener. (Photo Credit: VMP Performance)

Many would not think that a 4×4 F150 would run in the 11s, but thanks to a few modifications this truck proves that four-wheel-drives have a place on the drag strip. Mainly because this F-150 is enhanced by the addition of VMP TVS Supercharger with a 75mm pulley.

During the road cruise portion of the NMRA event, one can hear the whine of the supercharger or the cat in a blender noise as some refer to it. That supercharger scream and the Kooks headers with green catalytic converters combine for a beautiful-sounding truck. Other go fast goodies include the VMP fuel pump booster, a carbon-fiber driveshaft, and a VMP Twin Jet 67mm throttle body.

Photo Courtesy of Justin Starkey

The VMP Performance F-150 is making close to 670 horsepower and nearly 600 lb-ft of torque. With these numbers this truck has the potential to put a few Mustangs on the trailer any time it hits the strip.

This combination allowed Andrew to run an 11.58 at 120 mph on the first pass during the second portion of the True Street torture test. Based its top speed, the VMP Performance F-150 has the potential to improve on its 11.65 average.

When asked about future plans for the truck, Justin Starkey said, “We are looking to add traction bars soon so we can launch it harder.”

As it sits, this is one fast truck that has surprised a few Mustang owners along the way, so beware if you line up against a black pickup with a big VMP logo on the door…

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