Before a wedding most people are either a bundle of nerves or trying to squeeze in that one last blow-out before matrimony. However, if your fiancé lets you go racing at Street Car Takeover in Denver, Colorado, the day before your wedding, you can relax knowing you’ve definitely made the right decision.

“This dude’s wife was even cool enough to let him race all day long, the day before their wedding!” says the description for the video above.

How better to prepare for your pending nuptials than racing a 1,400-horsepower, turbo Coyote?

The car he was racing is a 1,400-plus-horsepower, turbocharged S197. Featuring a sleeved and forged engine with an 88mm turbocharger supplying over 35 pounds of boost, this thing is pretty intense, but the owner still drives it on the street from time to time. Burning Ignite race fuel, this Mustang racked up those 1,400 rear-wheel ponies before it lost traction, so it likely makes even more power, which the owner put to good use in Denver.

“She wasn’t going to let me do it, but then she was like, ‘Alright, you can do it.’” said the owner of his pre-wedding racing antics. “I could win money for the honeymoon.”

From the video it appears he did win a few rounds. We aren’t sure if that contributed to the honeymoon fund, but a day of racing in a high-powered Mustang definitely starts the marriage off on a forged foundation just as stout as that Coyote short-block.