A Trio Of New Parts For Trinity GT500 Owners

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Radium Engineering have just released a quartet of 2013-2014 Shelby GT500 components for fans of most powerful Mustang produced to date. The company, built on the need for higher quality fuel system components and more, just unleashed several products that warrant the attention of Trinity enthusiasts.

“We are excited to announce our new products for the 5.8-liter Shelby Mustang enthusiasts,” Aaron Suchy with Radium Engineering told us.

Ever seen a oil separator system as intricate as this? We didn't think so. Radium Engineering’s tandem setup is designed specifically for the '13-'14 Shelby GT500 and features a pair of anodized oil catch cans with an integrated condenser and dipstick, along with stainless steel hardware (PN 20-0329).

Those products are designed to deliver more fuel, keep oil out of the combustion chamber, and ruggedly hold coolant.

“Our new dual catch can kit integrates perfectly with the Shelby’s engine bay and keeps blow-by oil and other contaminants out of the induction system,” he said.

Keeping the induction air clean reduces the chances of detonation and keeps oil from clogging up the intercooler core. While you can’t see those benefits, the new, billet aluminum coolant reservoir from Radium adds an obvious, high-tech look to the engine compartment.

“A CNC machined coolant tank kit replaces the stock plastic tank,” Aaron added. “It not only cleans up the engine bay, it also offers a more robust design that resists cracking.”


Radium Engineering’s Coolant Tank Kit for the Ford Mustang and Shelby GT500 (PN 20-0286) features all-billet aluminum construction.

Of course, the company’s core business is enhancing fuel systems, so it’s new fuel rail kits are a natural addition to the product line.

“The CNC machined fuel rail kit provides an easy bolt-on installation, and it offers flexibility in fuel system plumbing for modified engines,” he added. “Approximately eight large -8 AN ORB ports are provided to accommodate a wide variety of aftermarket fuel system accessories and plumbing.”

For more information on these components from Radium Engineering, checkout its website here.

Radium Engineering's Fuel Rail Kit (PN 20-0320) and Fuel Pump Hanger Kit (PN 20-0201-00) go together like birthday cake and ice cream when it comes to supplying your '13-'14 Shelby GT500 with plenty of fuel.

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