Feed More EcoBoost Power With Bolt-On Port Injection

(Photo credit: Radium Engineering)

While some enthusiasts might the limits of factory direct injection frustrating, manufacturers like Radium Engineering have embraced embraced the challenge. The company created a port-fuel-injection kit for the EcoBoost-powered Focus and Mustang owners in need of more fuel to support the power from increased boost.

Radium Port Injection Kit

• Available for 2013 Ford Focus ST, 2016 Ford Focus RS, and 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

• Kit does not replace OEM direction injection system

• PN 20-0326

“Radium’s Port Injection Kit is comprised of two main components — the spacer plate and the fuel rail,” says the company. “Each of these components is CNC machined from aluminum and anodized for an attractive finish that resists E85. The 25mm thick spacer plate is precisely designed to not interrupt the airflow as it transitions from the intake manifold runners to the intake ports. The passages in the spacer plate are carefully machined to port match the intake port and the intake manifold, eliminating any airflow disruptions. A knife-edged port divider is also machined into the spacer plate, improving on the blunt divider machined in the cylinder head.”

According to Radium Engineering, "the spacer plate features fuel injector ports that are strategically located and angled to ensure the best fuel delivery into the intake ports."

Head over to Radium Engineering’s website right here for more information on its port injection kit for EcoBoost engine variants.

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