Ford Teases Shelby GT500, Explorer ST, Bronco, And More

During a media preview dubbed “Ford Uncovered,” the Blue Oval teased a number of changes to its business strategy, which included improving efficiency by sharing architecture among models, focusing on electrification, and following a more customer-centric product-development philosophy. The latter promises to deliver the freshest vehicle lineup in the industry by 2020. Fortunately performance is part of that strategy, thanks to the success of vehicles like the Raptor, which outsold all of Porsche last year on its own.

In fact, Ford Performance expects to increase its vehicle sales 71 percent by 2020 thanks to its growing SUV lineup. Hot on the heels of the recently revealed Edge ST, Ford teased an Explorer ST based on the forthcoming platform, which promises to be a true performance version of the popular SUV. These two vehicles will help complete the promised line of 12 new Ford Performance vehicles by 2020 that the company promised us a few years back.

It looks like an Explorer ST will join the Ford Performance SUV lineup alongside the previously revealed Edge ST.

“All of our STs are going to be authentic performance versions of their nameplates — not just wheels badges and some blacked out trim,” Ford Executive Vice President and President, Global Markets, Jim Farley said.

By 2020, Ford will also launch that performance-oriented battery electric utility that it briefly considered calling a Mach 1. Speaking electricity, there was some talk of the Mustang hybrid, but only going so far as to say it what we already were told, that it would offer V8-style performance with more torque.

Ford also teased the forthcoming Bronco, which will apparently have a smaller, yet-to-be named off-road cousin.

And, as for the halo Mustang we’ve all been waiting to learn more about, we did get another teaser image that you see above, but so far, we only know what was announced in Detroit back in January — that it will be the most powerful street-legal Mustang yet.

From what we could pick up at the event, Ford has a lot of really cool stuff heading for dealer lots in the next couple years, so it should be an exciting run toward 2020. And speaking of that year, all Ford vehicles are said to be receiving LTE connectivity by the end of 2019. Starting in 2020 Ford will offer over-the-air software updates, so it will be interesting to see how this impacts aftermarket tuning…

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