How Do The Focus RS & Mustang GT Compare?

When shopping for your next performance vehicle, what is the one deciding factor that makes you choose that particular car or truck over another? Better yet, what makes the vehicle that you have chosen so unique?

FIA World Rallycross Championship presenter Andrew Coley had the chance to take both the Ford Mustang and the Ford Focus RS on a test drive at Anglesey circuit to find out exactly what these two Ford Performance models share and what makes each car unique.


We already know that both Blue Oval vehicles have a diehard fanbases that dates back generations, but what is it about these two particular vehicles that make them so unique?

There is no denying the rich rally heritage that the Ford Focus RS badge brought to enthusiasts around the world. That heritage was one of the deciding factors when it came time to choosing our next EcoBoost project vehicle. Having the chance to modify the all-wheel drive, turbocharged hatchback was an easy choice for our crew here at FordNXT.

But what about the car that we consider the staple of American muscle, the V8-powered Ford Mustang? There is no doubt that the Mustang has proven time and time again that it is a top contender on both the drag strip and the road course.

What Andrew Coley discovered, however, is that even though these two Ford vehicles are entirely different performance vehicles, they share a common bond that Ford engineers have built into the core of each of these cars — the fun factor.


In the YouTube video above, Andrew walks us through what makes each of these vehicles so much fun to drive. From the Focus RS’ all-wheel-drive launch control to the Mustang GT’s unique line-lock capability, these Ford vehicles were designed to give owners the option of getting out and having a little fun at a push of a button. This instant fun factor can be enjoyed on demand without worrying about sacrificing your vehicle’s warranty.

Whether it’s the appeal of the Focus RS’ all-wheel-drive drift-mode or the independent rear suspension of the rear-wheel-drive Mustang, both of these vehicles were built specifically to give owners the ability to switch from daily driver to serious track contender at the push of a button. And that, friends, is what keeps us coming back for more.

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Kelly is a SoCal car enthusiast and skilled driver. His “get out and drive” obsession began after attending his first high-performance racing school while serving on active duty. Since then, he has attended numerous military and civilian driving schools across the country to help fuel that passion.
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