Keeping Your Supercharged Musclecar Cool At The Track With AFCO

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The factory-built performance cars that continue to roll out of Detroit are putting up crazy numbers at the drag strip thanks to advances in modern technology and a heavy dose of forced induction that comes standard. All of the major manufacturers now offer their premier performance cars with a blower integrated into the engine package, but these boosted street warriors are still susceptible to dreaded heat-soak. AFCO has a solution for those who love to push their late model musclecar at the track with their full line of heat exchangers that are designed to keep the blowers these cars are equipped with nice and cool.

According to AFCO’s Eric Saffell, their heat exchangers are a huge benefit to the cars they’re available for and offer an easy home installation.

“Right now all of our heat exchangers are readily available for many different cars. They’re a good value, provide amazing on-vehicle performance, and are easy to install in your garage at home. Most can be installed in as little as a few hours with just some basic hand tools.”


The heat exchangers are constructed using AFCOs optimized core technology and are TIG-welded with high-quality aluminum. Depending on the car and application, the heat exchangers have been able to provide coolant temperature drops in the 20-25 degree range, allowing the blower on the car or truck to make even more power. These heat exchangers are also a direct fit and require no major modifications to get them to fit on your car or truck.

Make sure you check out AFCO’s website and see all the heat exchanger options for the ZL1 Camaro, Shelby Mustang, GT500, Cobra Mustang, Corvette, CTS-V, and Ford Lightning!

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