EcoBoost PistonRod2

When Ford first introduced the 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine as an option for the 2015 and newer Mustangs, people questioned just how much power this boosted mill could make, and if it was worthy of being in a Mustang. Now, there are Mustangs with the EcoBoost engine running in the nine-second range and could go even quicker soon. To help those who want to really get the most out of their EcoBoost, Manley Performance is now offering a stronger piston and connecting rod that will allow racers to turn up the boost.

Adding excessive extra power and boost to a stock piston is just asking for trouble, so moving to a strong slug will add reliability to the mighty EcoBoost mill. According to Michael Tokarchik from Manley, these new pistons can take virtually anything you throw at them.

Eco Boost rod 2

“Manley’s Platinum Series pistons are forged from race-proven 2618 aluminum alloy, which has superior strength under pressure. They’re designed to reduce reciprocating weight and have an offset wrist pin for quiet start-ups. The skirts are Moly-coated for extra durability and the pistons equipped with a pressure balance groove. It can also accommodate +1 mm valve sizes.”

Eco Boost Piston

To help swing these upgraded pistons, Manley has also developed an H-beam connecting rod that can take over 600 horsepower worth of abuse. “Manley’s new H-beam rod for the 2.3L EcoBoost is forged from premium grade 4340 steel and precision CNC-machined to remove unnecessary weight. All rods are heat treated, stress relieved, shot peened and 100 percent magnafluxed to assure optimum quality,” Tokarchik says.

For more information on this new piston and rod offering head over to Manley’s website where they have all the tech specifications for those interested in purchasing.