MGW Releases Billet Wallet With Engraved Auto Logos

If you have ever climbed behind the wheel of a Mustang equipped with an MGW Shifter, you know. Rowing through the gears is a tactically pleasurable experience thanks to the craftsmanship and design of the billet gear selectors that are born in the company’s CNC machines. Now the shifter builder’s parent company, MGW Limited, has added another company and product line to its portfolio that should appeal to the same car people that enjoy those renowned shifters.

That product is the SCUDO Billet Wallet, which starts at $79. This CNC-machined metal wallet is lightweight and compact, yet it has space for up to 16 cards within and shields them from prying RFID scanners trying to hack your account.

Looking take your wallet game to a new level? The SCUDO Billet Wallet, from the creators of the MGW Shifters, is a billet aluminum unit that is light, holds your cards, and has a trick opening and closing actuation. It will soon be available for order.

The deep laser etching is just very impressive from an aesthetic point of view. — George Ciamillo, MGW

“My sons actually bought me a metal wallet for my birthday last year,” George Ciamillo, owner of MGW Limited, explained. “While I loved the idea, the product was of very poor quality and very flimsy and cheap. It dented easily and the clasp broke, so it inspired me to make a rugged version with much more style!”

We handled one of the early production models at this year’s Mustang Week, and the unit is anything but flimsy. Built like a small fortress, the SCUDO wallet has a slick opening actuation that is sure to start conversations. It is also available in with rugged satin black or gunmetal gray finishes.

“It is fully CNC machined and military-grade hardcoat-plated,” George said. “The deep laser etching is just very impressive from an aesthetic point of view. Also, it is a fully enclosed metal wallet unlike the money-clip styles all over eBay and Amazon.”

Better yet, for car fans, the SCUDO wallet is available with a wide array of laser-engraved designs; including a number of officially licensed Ford logos, like the iconic Cobra snake.

“The quality and personalization to your car is a perfect match,” George added. “Ford licensed logos are just the start.”

The SCUDO Billet Wallet will soon be available for order on its official site right here.

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