Performance Distributors Releases 3.5L Ford EcoBoost Coils

New from Performance Distributors – the Performance Coils for the 3.5L Twin-Turbo Ford EcoBoost. These coils are designed for improved acceleration, smoother idle, and quicker starting. See more details below.

Official Release:

Performance Distributors has engineered an ignition system for the high torque oriented 3.5L Ecoboost engine. As you know, the Ecoboost is a different “animal” in the world of engines. And of course, a different style of ignition system is required for the twin-turbo 6 cylinder application.

Usually, we develop a coil(s) that are specifically geared not to lose spark on the top end, where rpms are revving; however, with the torquey Ecoboost, we developed the Sultans Of Spark(S.O.S.) Coils to produce more energy in the low to mid-range—-right in your Ecoboost’s power band !

The results ? An extreme high energy spark in your twin-turbo combustion chambers. You’ll feel improved acceleration, smoother idle, and quicker starting.

Whether you drive an F-150, Explorer, Taurus, Police Interceptor, or even a Flex, you can enjoy the additional performance provided by a set of S.O.S. Coils. You can install a set easily in approximately 1.5 hours with everyday tools.


  • Produces more energy in the low to mid-range
  • Extremely high energy spark in your twin-turbo combustion chambers
  • Improved acceleration, smoother idle, and quicker starting

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