Video: Building A 640+ HP 2014 Mustang GT From AmericanMuscle

Building the car of our dreams is neither an easy task nor a short process – just ask any Mustang shop in the country. It can sometimes be a love/hate relationship even, as our friend Justin Dugan at AmericanMuscle describes to us. Albeit, after more than four year’s time, Justin was recently able to conclude his nearly half a decade build on his 2014 GT, and he couldn’t be any happier. With a little help from suppliers like McLeod Racing, ROUSH Performance, VMP Performance, and Corsa Exhaust – just to name a few – Justin was able to set out and achieve what he wanted to accomplished four years ago; building a Coyote-powered Mustang with more than 640 horsepower at the rear wheels on a conservative setup.

Photo credit: Justin Dugan.

Photo credit: Justin Dugan.

“As pointed out in the video, this latest stage was almost 3+ years in the making,” Justin told us in regards to the completion of his build. “Work and family life had taken priority over my personal cars, and I’ll be completely honest; I almost fell out of love with my GT. That all changed once I got the green light to proceed with the 4th stage. Once the build was completed, it was a new car entirely – from the appearance to the performance. I got that feeling behind the wheel again that I had when I first started working on the car, and it hasn’t diminished since!” We like the sound of that, Justin. Hit up the folks at AmericanMuscle to get started on building your own badass Mustang project today.

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