Video: Steeda Project Ford Fusion EcoBoost 2.0 Build

When the second-generation Ford Fusion Titanium hit the dealerships back in 2013, it created quite the buzz. In its stock form, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine put out a respectable 240 horsepower from the factory which for a premium model all-wheel-drive sedan was pretty hard to beat for the price.

What started as a daily driver for one of our company executives turned into one of our favorite vehicles here at a the shop. —Steeda

And when our friends at Steeda Autosports took delivery of its own 2.0-liter Fusion shop car, the company knew that with only a few simple bolt-on modifications, this four-door sedan could easily be transformed into a fun daily.

“What started as a daily-driver for one of our company executives turned into one of our favorite vehicles here at the shop, showcasing that you can have it all: performance, comfort and fuel economy, says the company. “With 64,000 miles on the clock, she’s also proven to be extremely reliable as a long-term project here at Steeda.”


The team at Steeda put together an excellent video on its YouTube channel to showcase just how little work it took to get this Ford EcoBoost vehicle to that next level of performance and handling.

Steeda started this build by focusing on the vehicle’s foundation and outfitted the 2013 Fusion with a set of lowering springs.

“Springs are the foundation of good handling, so we started with the best,” says Steeda. “Our Fusion lowering springs are in-house engineered and custom made to our specifications, providing the best combination of handling and ride quality available while greatly improving the appearance of this Fusion. Steeda’s Sport Springs result in a 7/8-inch drop all around, noticeably improved handling and reduced nose dive under braking.”

Next, Steeda added its front and rear sway bar kit resulting in improved vehicle handling performance by significantly reducing understeer and overall vehicle body roll. Koni shocks and struts rounded out the suspension mods.


A set of 20×8.5-inch BBS CH-R Titanium Wheels wrapped in Nitto’s Invo tires complements the Fusion’s stance.

The final component of the vehicle’s suspension was the addition of Steeda’s front strut-tower brace, which helps reduce chassis flex.

With the new suspension dialed in, it was time for a wheel and tire setup that would complement both the Fusion’s stylish curves and keep its all-wheel drive system firmly planted. The team finished off the stance of the car with a set of BBS CH-R Titanium wheels wrapped in Nitto Invo tires.

The Steeda team also installed a Ford Fusion hood strut kit, Koni dampers, and an SCT Livewire TS Tuner with Steeda-certified tunes.

Steeda Autosports also installed its own cold air intake and custom calibration, which provided the vehicle a nice boost in power and responsiveness without compromising the sedan’s comfort. The result? Steeda transformed what started out as being a sensible daily driver for the company executives into the perfect all around vehicle that is both fuel efficient and fun to drive around town.

For more information on the entire line of Steeda Autosports products, visit the official Steeda website here.

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