What Should You Make Of Those Bullitt Rumors?

(Photo Credit: American Muscle)

Rumors, rumors, and more rumors – that’s all we seem to hear these days in regards to any potential new Mustang. Admittedly, some of those rumors turn out to be true, but we haven’t seen a new GT500 yet, and we may or may not see a 2018 Mustang Bullitt.

While word has spread like wildfire as of recent, it might just be some of that fake news we hear so much about. (In fact, according to Jalopnik, it’s been debunked by the Blue Oval itself). We first got wind of a sixth-gen Bullitt from an online Mustang forum. The thread, and its users, proclaimed that an anonymous source sent them “confirmation that the 2018 Bullitt Mustang is real and likely coming soon!”

The forum even claimed that the window sticker it received was a “Ford test sticker” confirming this information. On said sticker, as shown in American Muscle’s video above, you can see a few minor bits of information that immediately stick out. Analyzing this data reveals a handful of questions – such as – why would a 2018 Bullitt have a MSRP of more than $56,000? (That’s GT350 territory!)

Of course, an option for Highland Green Metallic paint might make you buy into this sticker rumor. Every Bullitt iteration thus has at least had the option of Highland Green paint — and in the case of the 2001 variant, black and blue as well — so we’d venture to say, Ford would stay true to its roots on a new version.

While Ford’s Guard paint option on the ’15 Mustang is strikingly similar to its Dark Highland Green, it’s not quite the same.

OK, so what gives? Are they making it, or not? Well, as if you didn’t already see this one coming, the answer isn’t quite that simple. See, what does lineup between all of the sources cited, is the fact that the 50th anniversary for the Bullitt movie which Steve McQueen starred in, is 2018.

In fact, the movie debuted on October 17, 1968, so the 49th anniversary is just days away. That’s not to Ford won’t announce or debut a new Bullitt in the near future, but we are a bit skeptical. In all honesty, we hope the rumors are true.

Something that hasn’t been mentioned already is the fact that the latest Coyote engine could be nearing its limits in naturally aspirated form. With the introduction of dual-fuel-injection and Plasma Transfer Wire Arc cylinder liners, the third-generation Coyote engine is pretty damn great for a mass-produced engine.

What is the likelihood of a Bullitt or a Mach 1 using a naturally aspirated Coyote engine, if it’s already that good? Improving on something that’s already almost at its limits is difficult. And,  introducing some form of forced induction, would negate the affordable aspect of the Mach 1 and Bullitt themes we know at love. Well, we’re just around the corner from October 17. And, Ford never confirmed that it wasn’t making a new Bullitt, just that the forum-planted sticker wasn’t real.

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